Friday, March 27, 2009

What a fun day!!!

Sierra took the above picture of Grace. I tink she captured how beautiful she is!!!

Sierra has never wanted to hold another child's hand but she loved holding Grace's!!! I sure wish she would smile for the camera!!!!

Today we started out our day as we do every Friday morning. Sierra and I go visit my good friend Ellen and her husband Art( who is also a very dear friend) Art has been battling a brain tumor for over 11 years. He is now in the advanced stages of his cancer battle. He is home and Ellen has stopped working to be with him. They are the most devoted couple I have ever met. I knew this way before Art became sick. I have always thought of them as two people who love each other in a very big way. They have weathered this storm with grace , dignity amd love. They have accomplished much in the last 11 years and have lived life to the very fullest. Art has never given up and if you ask him how he is he always replies" I'm looking good!!" I hold them both very close to my heart. Anyway on Friday mornings Sierra and I go to visit and help out in any small way we can. The first time we were there, Sierra had Ellen and I both in tears as she gently caressed Art's hand. She looks foward to the visits and always asks to see Art as soon as we get there. (Unless she is already feeding their dog bones!!!) I am so grateful that these two people are in Sierra's life. I love you guys!!!

Next we went to vsit another friend Grace. Grace came to the US from China in 2005. Her parents were the main reason we went ahead with our plans to adopt from China. Scott and I had talked about it but when I first met Grace I knew we had to move foward!!! We used the same agency they did and were extremely happy. So Sierra and I went to their house for a lunch date. It was unseasonably warm so we were outside most of the time!!! We had a great time and I got some cute pictures. It was an awsome visit!!!

Sierra then had time for a nap before she went to gymnastics!!! What a fun day and I loved spending it with her!!!


Carolin said...

Just thinking about you today Kathy ... your friends sound like wonderful people. Just like you guys :-)

Thanks for the sweet note you sent the other day about Emma. She's such a little stinker but goodness what a blessing all 3 of them are.

Sierra looks like she is doing wonderful! What a beautiful and sweet baby girl she is!

Take care,

Linda said...

Hugs and prayers to your friends Ellen and Art. Some people just naturally show us the good that can be no matter the circumstances.
Sierra looks happy even though she might not have a smile on her face in every picture. She looks to me to be a thoughtful girl who takes in everything and decides for herself when she will share a smile. Can be a good thing. Love the look on her face with Grace. You can tell she likes her... Take care and enjoy your weather. Linda