Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new blog!!

New blog. www.onmyfrontporchlookingin.blogspot.com

I have been thinking for some time about starting a new blog. I originally started blogging as a way for family and friends to follow along on our journey to bring Sierra home. The writing gave me an outlet during the stressful times we endured. I have always enjoyed writing and find it relaxing and comforting. I would like to continue writitng about the things that mean the most to me, my family, friends, my relationship with God and just the everyday nuances of life in the country. This blog will always old a special place in my heart. In it is our journey to China to meet our amazing daughter. Someday she will be able to read it and learn how much she is truly loved and how everyone was waiting for her arrival.
While I was trying to figure out what to name my new blog, a song came on the radio. I had always liked it. It is sung my Lonestar. It talks about sitting on the porch and looking at the beautiful views he can see, but his favorite view is looking in and seeing his wife and kids. The song says its the beauty inside that is important. Anyway when I heard it I knew it was the perfect title for my new blog.
I would like to include in my blog more about me, my husband, and my other 3 wonderful children as well as Sierra and how she is blossoming and growing. I hope everyone will click on the link and join me in looking in!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A gift of a day!!

Those of you who know me know that I love being outside. Friday and Saturday were 2 days that were perfect for doing just that. It is so fun to watch Sierra as I know for a fact that she did not see alot of outside time. We spent pretty much all day Saturday in our yard!! But before we went out, when Daddy went to the dump sierra realized the kitchen garbage basket was sitting on the floor, without a bag in it. Now, the only help she adked for was for me to open up the cabinet under the sink. We have a child proof latch on it. The rest she did all onher own. I had to take pictures , it was just too cute.

After she got dressed she went outside to help big brother David rake out some mud ruts. She knew just what to do with her rake and hoe!!!

Had to take a picture together!!
Then other big brother Paul stopped over with Jenn and Sierra was so glad to see them!!!

Like I said it was a pefect day. We uncovered our camper and Sierra got to walk over to our neighbors and swing on their swing set. She played ball, rode her hot wheel,went to the other neighbors and fed the horses carrots and went to bed nice and early!!! And the best part was I got to do it all with her!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a fun day!!!

Sierra took the above picture of Grace. I tink she captured how beautiful she is!!!

Sierra has never wanted to hold another child's hand but she loved holding Grace's!!! I sure wish she would smile for the camera!!!!

Today we started out our day as we do every Friday morning. Sierra and I go visit my good friend Ellen and her husband Art( who is also a very dear friend) Art has been battling a brain tumor for over 11 years. He is now in the advanced stages of his cancer battle. He is home and Ellen has stopped working to be with him. They are the most devoted couple I have ever met. I knew this way before Art became sick. I have always thought of them as two people who love each other in a very big way. They have weathered this storm with grace , dignity amd love. They have accomplished much in the last 11 years and have lived life to the very fullest. Art has never given up and if you ask him how he is he always replies" I'm looking good!!" I hold them both very close to my heart. Anyway on Friday mornings Sierra and I go to visit and help out in any small way we can. The first time we were there, Sierra had Ellen and I both in tears as she gently caressed Art's hand. She looks foward to the visits and always asks to see Art as soon as we get there. (Unless she is already feeding their dog bones!!!) I am so grateful that these two people are in Sierra's life. I love you guys!!!

Next we went to vsit another friend Grace. Grace came to the US from China in 2005. Her parents were the main reason we went ahead with our plans to adopt from China. Scott and I had talked about it but when I first met Grace I knew we had to move foward!!! We used the same agency they did and were extremely happy. So Sierra and I went to their house for a lunch date. It was unseasonably warm so we were outside most of the time!!! We had a great time and I got some cute pictures. It was an awsome visit!!!

Sierra then had time for a nap before she went to gymnastics!!! What a fun day and I loved spending it with her!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good news for David!!

After contacting the school this morning, they have agreed to pay for David's windshield, We just have to bring them 3 different quotes which we did today!!! I am so happy it worked out this way. Diane and Stephe thank you both for your support and generous offers!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David's rough day!

I was thinking today of how I have been posting so much about Sierra that I should really do a post about David. He is such an amazing big brother to Sierra!!( Tim and Paul are awesome too!) He can not wait to get home to see her and she can not wait to see him!!! She now knows that he is in school during the day and we went and visited him there yesterday so she could see.
David has made the Varsity baseball team. He loves playing ball and this is his first year on Varsity. His brother Paul is the Assistant Coach. ( I haven't decided whether that is good or bad for David. I will let you know in a couple of weeks. ) So tonight I had a meeting and when I came home I asked David how practice was. He mumbled something about it being not so great!! I asked him if he got hurt and he said no. It seems that the girl's JV softball team was praciticing near the parking lot where his truck is parked. (The students have designated parking spots.) Well a miss guided softball wound up shattering his windshield on his truck!!! Now, his truck is older so it does not have collision. We are strapped so tight with me not working. Daivd has a job lined up starting in April but his truck is undriveable. I sent an email to the school asking what they can so. I have a feeling the answer will be nothing but I am willing to fight it. He parked where they told him to. So, keep your fingers crossed or better yet please pray for a positive response from the school. I feel so bad for him. All his friends drive newer, nicer vehicles but he drives the one he paid for with all of his own money. He is such a good kid and I hate that this happened to him!!!!!

Some outside fun!!!

Sierra was just lounging around so her Dad decided to take her outside on her climbing apparatus!! He got some great pictures with her yellow raincoat.
Of course she has to find the mud first!! Little girls are not that different than little boys!!!

Fot those of you wondering, Emma and Sierra are becomong friends!!

We thank God every day for bringing this precious gift into our family. I can not picture our life with her not in it!!!! I am also grateful for a n up and running computer with a much faster internet. I can't wait to post more pictures of our adventures!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sierra has started a gymnastics class run by the town youth commission. she seems to really like it and is learning lessons about working in a small group of children. There is only about 6 kids and they split up into a smaller group. So even though she is learning to wait her turn, she does not have to wait that long. If you look closely at the picture of her on the balance beam you will notice that it is Daddy holding her hand. She did not want anyone else to help her!!! Its fun watching her in new situations. She usually watches for a long time before she will join in. But she takes everything in as she watches and doesn't miss a thing.