Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maple syrup time!!

Scott and David help our neighbor collect and boil sap. We took Sierra over to the sap house to watch the sap boil. We love the fresh maple syrup and enjoy the process of making it. Sierra loves helping Daddy check the pails hanging on our maple trees!!!


Mom Of Many said...

Dw used to help his best friend, Stan, and Stan's dad collect the buckets - how blessed you are!

And what a wonderful thing for Sierra and daddy to do...such wonderful memories!

Once you've tasted real maple syrup, can you ever go back? We couldn't. Stan now owns his own little side business of Maple Syrup and whenever we go home to WNY we drag quarts back with us - so, so yummy!

Diane said...

You would not like our household with light syrup from the grocery store!!! Sierra looks very comfortable with her daddy!!! I saw this picture up in your blog without any mention as to what it was and I was curious. Naptime is over.....Julia says Hi!