Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sierra's Party

I love this picture of her sitting on the table in her native dress.

Sierra's party was a wonderful success, except for the goose egg and cut she received at the very end.) So many(149) people came out to say welcome to our little girl. It filled our hearts with love to such a huge turnout. thanks to our friend "Chef Eck" the food was absolutely wonderful.
Luckily it did not snow and Scott and Eric did not have to go to work!!! Thanks to everyone who came and all those who helped. We indeed live in a wonderful, sharing community and I will forever be grateful for the love they have shown Sierra. As you can see by the pictures she was quite a happy little girl. This is the best shot of the 3 of us so far!!!


Linda said...

Look at those beautiful smiles on all your faces!!! Makes me feel warm inside to see that. Sierra sure has a beautiful smile that lights her whole face. Glad your party went so well. Linda

Diane said...

What an awsome picture of all three of you. I rarely find a picture of all of us that I really love! Sounds like a terrific party! Miss all of you

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say we had a GREAT time and the food was WONDERFUL!!! PLEASE don't forget to email that picture I had taken of the three of you. It's the best!!! All three of you have the most BEAUTIFUL smiles. I want to put it in the frame you bought for my 40th.

Mom Of Many said...

Sierra is beautiful - look at that smile!! I am so thrilled for you all and for her - how gracious God is to place the lonely in families!