Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome Sierra

Today we are hosting an Open House welcoming Sierra to our family and community. We are so blessed that our family, friends, church family and community have welcomed Sierra with open arms. She has a way of just charming the socks off of everyone who meets her. We are having the party at our local community center (from 3-6) and hope many people will come to share our joy. If you are reading this and live locally PLEASE stop by!!! Yesterday she got to spend the day with Dad while I took the dreaded but money saving 6 hour defensive driving course. Throughout the whole course I couldnot help thinking about the driving in China. Certainly no one there has ever taken this workshop. As I have said before driving in China is just INSANE!!!!!! Anyway Dad and Sierra had a great time and I made it through the course!!!
The above picture was again taken by my friend Barbara. I just love it!!!! She is beautiful even when she doesn't smile.
The amount of English she is picking up is astounding. She is like a sponge, just soaking everything in. Today at church she "read" along when we were reading and"sang" along while we were singing!!
I will post pictures either later today or tomorrow of the party!!! Have a great day!!!!


Linda said...

Happy Party!! Sierra has a very captivating face, her face is beautiful and her eyes are so large. Who could not love her... Hope she enjoys meeting everyone. Linda

Stephe said...

Awe, I wished we lived close!!! G and I would be there in a heartbeat!!! Miss you guys and have a GREAT PARTY!!!

Diane said...

You know we would be there if we lived closer! Sierra looks so content!! Julia says hi...hugs and blowing kisses! Hope you all had a great time!!!