Sunday, March 1, 2009

Funny thing happened!

just a little while ago, I was posting a comment to someone and I was going to mention our LOA wait. When I counted on my fingers the number of months that it took, I had to do it twice. Why???? Because it didn't seem right to me, it seemed too short. I thought, was it really only 5 months??? An amazing thing has happened, as horrible and long as the wait seemed at the time, now that we have Sierra home and with us, 5 months doesn't seem so long. Now part of the problem always was that our agency believed we would hear sooner. Many people had so they were right in thinking that at the time. And of course there was the pain of other people getting theirs before us. But now much of that pain is fading. Not entirely forgotten as I will always grieve for the time we missed out on, but I know now that we are fortunate. Our little girl is amazing and I would have waited even longer!!! But it did shock me that I am thinking of that time in a whole new light!!!!

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