Thursday, March 19, 2009

We are doing great!!1

I can't believe is been so long since I posted. I am still having major trouble with my computer ans am still using david's laptop. Hopefully we will get things running soon and I can post some pictures!!! Sierra and I are living our days at home. It is so much fun learning and watching with her. Her enthusiasm for life is a joy to watch. G od really knew what he was doing when he spoke to me about adopting. If any one is wondering whether you could love a newly placed 3year old in your family as uch as a bio kid, the answer for us is a resounding YES!!!!! The love I feel for this little girl is as strong as the love I feel for my 3 wonderful boys. I would protect her with every breath of my being. She has grown in my heart , not my body but she is ours forever!!! I will never fully know what her life was like before but I take great pleasure in wat ching her laugh, play , run, dance and sing. And oh can she sing. She sings in the car , in thebath and when she is going to sleep at night. When our phone rings she hums the tune of the ring!!! Her voice is beatiful. it sounds like an angel to me!!! We took her to her first big parade on Sunday and what fun we had!!! She saw everything, trucks, dogs , pippers, bands, clowns, the Easter Bunny, candy being thrown to her, and of course fire trucks.

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Linda said...

I know what you mean about loving a little one as much as your bio kids or grandkids in my case. Watching Lauren learn and experience everythng. Seeing her reactions to different things and watching her and seeing a new piece of her personality come out is a miracle!! Lauren is alittle shy of new things, but it's taken less time now for her to become comfortable and her beautiful smile and happy nature is shining thru more and more. Oh, we are all so blessed!!! Love your updates about Sierra. Linda