Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David's rough day!

I was thinking today of how I have been posting so much about Sierra that I should really do a post about David. He is such an amazing big brother to Sierra!!( Tim and Paul are awesome too!) He can not wait to get home to see her and she can not wait to see him!!! She now knows that he is in school during the day and we went and visited him there yesterday so she could see.
David has made the Varsity baseball team. He loves playing ball and this is his first year on Varsity. His brother Paul is the Assistant Coach. ( I haven't decided whether that is good or bad for David. I will let you know in a couple of weeks. ) So tonight I had a meeting and when I came home I asked David how practice was. He mumbled something about it being not so great!! I asked him if he got hurt and he said no. It seems that the girl's JV softball team was praciticing near the parking lot where his truck is parked. (The students have designated parking spots.) Well a miss guided softball wound up shattering his windshield on his truck!!! Now, his truck is older so it does not have collision. We are strapped so tight with me not working. Daivd has a job lined up starting in April but his truck is undriveable. I sent an email to the school asking what they can so. I have a feeling the answer will be nothing but I am willing to fight it. He parked where they told him to. So, keep your fingers crossed or better yet please pray for a positive response from the school. I feel so bad for him. All his friends drive newer, nicer vehicles but he drives the one he paid for with all of his own money. He is such a good kid and I hate that this happened to him!!!!!


Diane said...

BUMMER!!!!!! David....Julia is willing to give up her Barbie ATV??? Hopefully the school will come through. Tell those girls that that is not the way to get your attention!!!


Stephe said...

Awe, that just ...grrr!!! Tell David I'm sorry that it happened. Hey, my boss rebuilds old cars for fun and he gets a lot of parts at car junkyards. Since Davids truck is an older model, maybe he could find a used windshield, at one of those, cheaper than a new one and have it installed. Stephe