Sunday, March 29, 2009

A gift of a day!!

Those of you who know me know that I love being outside. Friday and Saturday were 2 days that were perfect for doing just that. It is so fun to watch Sierra as I know for a fact that she did not see alot of outside time. We spent pretty much all day Saturday in our yard!! But before we went out, when Daddy went to the dump sierra realized the kitchen garbage basket was sitting on the floor, without a bag in it. Now, the only help she adked for was for me to open up the cabinet under the sink. We have a child proof latch on it. The rest she did all onher own. I had to take pictures , it was just too cute.

After she got dressed she went outside to help big brother David rake out some mud ruts. She knew just what to do with her rake and hoe!!!

Had to take a picture together!!
Then other big brother Paul stopped over with Jenn and Sierra was so glad to see them!!!

Like I said it was a pefect day. We uncovered our camper and Sierra got to walk over to our neighbors and swing on their swing set. She played ball, rode her hot wheel,went to the other neighbors and fed the horses carrots and went to bed nice and early!!! And the best part was I got to do it all with her!!!!

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