Monday, March 23, 2009


Sierra has started a gymnastics class run by the town youth commission. she seems to really like it and is learning lessons about working in a small group of children. There is only about 6 kids and they split up into a smaller group. So even though she is learning to wait her turn, she does not have to wait that long. If you look closely at the picture of her on the balance beam you will notice that it is Daddy holding her hand. She did not want anyone else to help her!!! Its fun watching her in new situations. She usually watches for a long time before she will join in. But she takes everything in as she watches and doesn't miss a thing.


Diane said...

What a great experience for her.....Good luck with Gymnastics Sierra...Julia will be looking forward to this in another year. Scott is a good spotter!!!

Kristi said...

Linked over here from RQ - Sierra is so cute! We hope to travel in August to bring home our little girl. Love the gym pictures! I coach gymnastics (also the gym director) & my bio daughter competes.